From concept to finished product customized at every step

Based on the results of our research and our unique understanding of the healthcare information market, we determine which solutions will best meet our clients' communication and educational needs. Then we create, design, and execute dynamic, innovative solutions from a single product to a complete publishing solution.

Our core areas of expertise are drugs, diagnostics, diseases, clinical procedures, and medical technology. Our comprehensive product line is platform-independent and includes print, audio, video, electronic, multimedia, and online.

To produce our customized communication solutions, we use researchers, clinical experts, editors, designers, multimedia specialists, and technology professionals skilled in all publishing formats.

Clinically correct, segment-driven

In healthcare communications, we know that accuracy, credibility, and reliability come first. When creating our customized solutions, we make clinical accuracy our top priority. Our clinical content comes from physicians, nurses, and pharmacists who are experts in their field.

We also understand the importance of tailoring the communications vehicle to the target audience. Because of our broad and varied backgrounds in health care, we're familiar with the needs and preferences of all market segments. Using this knowledge helps us to ensure that our products are appropriate for the specific target audience.

Quick to market

In today's dynamic, demanding, and fast-paced healthcare climate, time-to-market is more crucial than ever. Our ability to quickly identify emerging market trends allows our clients to respond rapidly to marketplace demands.